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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mint cond Lenovo USB 2.0 Super Multi-Burner Drive with LightScribe

I am selling MINT condition Lenovo USB 2.0 Super Multi-Burner Drive with LightScribe which came with Thinkpad x200. Since I bought it in 2010, I have rarely used. Even more, it is almost perfect cosmetically. Note that it was manufactured on December 24, 2009.

Part number: 41N5629
FRU number: 41N5630

Maximum write speed: 8x DVD 24x CD
Maximum rewrite speed: 8x DVD 24x CD
Maximum read speed: 8x DVD 24x CD
Media support: CD, Double-layer - DVD-RAM/R/RW

See the following picture for details of supported media.

I think that it is the same as the following model:

I tested its functionality for MS Windows and Apple OSX Mavericks and no problem was found. See the following pictures for details.

I put it into my Windows desktop. You can see green light on the top.

You can see the information about the burner, and is said that the device is working properly.

I tested with DVD-R to make sure that it is working.

4.38 GB DVD showed up in my Windows Explorer.

After formatting, it said 4.37 GB is free to write.

To check if it is working okay, I put two test data which are used to develop video decoders.
I tested it with my Macbook run by Mavericks. So, I am sure this one is working okay not only Windows 7 but also OSX Mavericks.

You can see the part number and FRU number on the back of the burner.

You can see what kind of media it supports on the front side of the burner. It supports CD, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-RW, and so on. You can find the media types in the link above. 

It came with a short USB cable. However, it fits in the pocket which came with the burner.

I tested the wall charger which came with the burner. It is working perfectly.

The charger looks like the photo above.

The pocket can hold the burner and the USB cable.

I am packing now with the original package.

I am packing for the USB cable and the wall charger.

It came with a couple of documents, but I don't think I read it. This one looks like an instruction for safety.

It looks like a manual.

It looks like another safety instruction.

I am not sure what important information I need to know for this burner. :D

It came with a device driver CD. But I've never used it. Default windows and OSX device drivers have been working okay.

I am putting the test DVD together, so that you can see. If you want, you can use this DVD-R. You can put more data or you might want to format it.

I put the burner at bottom.

I put the disks and document on top.

Above them, I put the wall charger and the USB cable.

I put the charger and cable into the pocket for safe delivery.

Thank you for watching! Happy shopping!

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