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Sunday, February 24, 2013

iPad 2 32GB Wi-Fi 9.7in Black (MC770LL/A) great condition + smart cover and 2 cases

I am selling used iPad 2 32GB  Wi-Fi Black. Part No. is MC770LL/A, that are coming with a genuine Apple product RED smart cover and two great cases.

This iPad is in almost perfect condition, and hard to find any scratches. In addition, it is jailbroken, so you can install useful cydia apps, that you can't not download from iTune app store.

This one is coming with a genuine Apple product RED smart cover, an awesome Nedrelow book-looking case, and an amazingWater Field sleeve! See the following site:

Let's see some pictures!

If you have any problem to see the following pictures, please drop by here:

Perfect face, no scratch on it!

Great back! It has little wear out on back, but hard to notice!

iPad 2 32GB

 Working perfect and now restored to factory setting!

Default apps from factory setting! 

Jailbroken now, so you can install cydia apps!

Currently it has the latest iOS 6.1.2 with jailbreak. You can see that it has around 28GB available for you. Probably, iOS takes around 4GB.

You can see the side view of an iPad on the face of the box.

This iPad has 32GB flash memory inside, and you can see some technology spec here.

The model No. is MC770LL/A, and Wi-Fi 32GB black version.

 It will come with an genuine Apple red leather smart cover! It shows some dirt, because I used it for awhile.

 It's a product red leather one!

It will be in an official case also. 

The other side of the official box.

It is coming with great case which Nedrelow made. The case, which is called VOLUME, perfectly fits to iPad 2 but somewhat old now. More information, you can find out here:

Inside of VOLUME, you can feel that it is somewhat old now. But, it is still good. Magents is installed within the cover, so it is working like an Apple smart cover. If you close VOLUME, iPad will go to sleep. If you open VOLUME, iPad will wake up!

VOLUME is bound with buckram: the standard in durable library binding.

 It perfectly fit to iPad 2!

 When closed, it looks like a book!

 It has magnets inside, so it is working like a smart cover!

You can make it stand while you are watching movies or something! 

It looks like a book! Isn't it! The edges are somewhat bent, but it is still great!

It looks like a book, so other guys never imagine that it's iPad! 

You can make it stand while watching movies or something!

It is coming with a sleeve also. It is called iPad suede jacket from WaterField. You may find out some information here:

 It has a pocket on the other side, so that you can carry charger and cables.
 It perfectly fit to iPad 2 also!

It's a cool jacket!

I have two data cables. Unfortunately, they are not in cosmetically perfect condition, although they are working perfectly. I will give you a better one (upper). The other worse one will stay with me for my iPhone. :D Actually genuine Apple cables are notorious for their quality, especially around connectors. It may prove that these cables are genuine Apple products. :D

It is coming with a wall charger also!

They will be in the original box like when they came to me.

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