Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Luxrender compile with VS2010

This documented is a guide to make development environment for Luxrender with VS2010. Because the guide to compile Luxrender in is based on VS2008, you may want to following instructions to compile it with the latest version of Visual Studio.

Note. This guide was tested with Luxrender x64, Windows 7 x64, and VS2010.

1. Check out sources from the repository

- You need a Mercurial client for this job

- Make an empty directory for the BASE
- Clone 3 sources into your BASE

- source: destination: BASE/lux
- source: destination: BASE/windows
- source: destination: BASE/luxrays

2. Start the Visual Studio Command prompt

- You need to run x64 Win64 command prompt for x64 platform, otherwise you can run 32bit command prompt.

3. Goto BASE/windows

4. Run the appropriate build batch file

- Run getdeps.bat
- If you don't want to install OpenCL SDK, choose N3, N4 or A when you need to choose so that you don't have to download.
- Run build-vars.reg to register environmental variables
- Log out and log in for the changes to take effect

- Replace msvc-9.0 with msvc-10.0 in build-deps-*.bat
- Run build-deps-x64.bat
- It will make some errors while building FreeImage and LuxRays, since they are designed for VS2008.

5. Compile FreeImage

- Go to BASE\deps\x64\FreeImage3141\FreeImage and open FreeImage.2008.sln
- Convert the solution to VS2010
- Change run-time libraries to /MD for FreeImageLib, LibJPEG, LibMNG, LibOpenJPEG, LibPNG, LibRaw, LibTIFF, OpenEXR and ZLib
- Build Solution for Win64 Release

6. Compile Luxrender

- Go to BASE\windows

- Convert the solution to VS2010
- Build liblux for Win64 ReleaseNoOpenCL

- Build liblux

- You may want to change flex_on_path.bat and bison_on_path, since you may want to use flex and bison for Lux here.

- Add FreeImage.lib to Additional Dependencies


- Add ..\..\..\deps\x64\boost_1_43_0\stage\boost\lib to Additional library directories


- Build luxrender


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