Friday, July 27, 2012

CD/DVD printing

HP Photosmart D5360 - $380 2008
HP Photosmart C5280 - 2007

EPSON Artisan 730 All-in-One Printer $199.99
EPSON Artisan 1430 Inkjet Printer $219.99
EPSON Artisan 837 All-in-One Printer $199.99
EPSON Stylus Photo R2000 Inkjet Printer $319.99
EPSON Stylus Photo R2880 Inkjet Printer $499.99

EPSON Stylus Photo R3000 Inkjet Printer $649.99

Canon PIXMA MG5320 Color Ink-jet - Printer / copier / scanner $80
Canon Pixma MG8220 $210
Canon Pixma MG6220 $134

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cron setup for cygwin

# Cron configuration in Windows

$ cron-config 
Do you want to install the cron daemon as a service? (yes/no) yes
Enter the value of CYGWIN for the daemon: [ ] ntsec

You must decide under what account the cron daemon will run.

If you are the only user on this machine, the daemon can run as yourself.
   This gives access to all network drives but only allows you as user.
To run multiple users, cron must change user context without knowing
  the passwords. There are three methods to do that, as explained in
If all the cron users have executed "passwd -R" (see man passwd),
  which provides access to network drives, or if you are using the
  cyglsa package, then cron should run under the local system account.
Otherwise you need to have or to create a privileged account.
  This script will help you do so.
Do you want the cron daemon to run as yourself? (yes/no) yes

* If cron run multiple users, it needs to change user context; therefore, the user passwords need to be kept in a place, which the service can access.

See for details. 

* passwd -R: enter password to store it in the registry for later usage by services to be able to switch to this user context with network credentials.

* If the cron daemon needs to run under the local system account, say no for the question above.

Please enter the password for user 'user': 
Running cron_diagnose ...
WARNING: You do not currently have a crontab file.

... no problem found.

Do you want to start the cron daemon as a service now? (yes/no) yes

OK. The cron daemon is now running.

In case of problem, examine the log file for cron,

/var/log/cron.log, and the Windows event log (using /usr/bin/cronevents)
for information about the problem cron is having.

Examine also any cron.log file in the HOME directory

(or the file specified in MAILTO) and cron related files in /tmp.

If you cannot fix the problem, then report it to

Please run the script /usr/bin/cronbug and ATTACH its output
(the file cronbug.txt) to your e-mail.

WARNING: PATH may be set differently under cron than in interactive shells.

         Names such as "find" and "date" may refer to Windows programs.

$ net start cron
The requested service has already been started.

More help is available by typing NET HELPMSG 2182.

$ crontab -e

Following script runs every noon.

0 12 * * * /home/user/program/

cron.log can be found out in ~.

Remove cron service

net stop cron

sc delete cron

# Cron debugging in Windows

1. cat /Var/log/cron.log
2. cronevents.exe

Monday, July 9, 2012

SVN setup with Cygwin and sshd

1. SSH setup

2. Create svn repository
svnadmin create /home/svn

3. If you want to restore the repository from another location
svnadmin load /home/svn < [dumpfile-name]

4. Test
svn list svn+ssh://user@[ip address]/home/svn

5. If you want to use another port but standard ssh port '22', it is strongly suggested to edit '.ssh/config'.
Example of the content in '.ssh/config' with ssh port '515'

host localhost
        Hostname localhost
        Port 515

6. For TortoiseSVN, you may want to edit SSH client with new port configuration. In the 'Network', you can fill SSH client with the following:

"C:\Program Files\TortoiseSVN\bin\TortoisePlink.exe" -P 515


SVN Repository setup

Typical repository setup for SVN

the main line of development, the leading edge, where developers usually commit their regular changes.

a collection of snapshots of the trunk (or a branch) at a user-defined point in time, for instance release day.

active variations of the project compared to the trunk (or even another branch). This is useful when working out a (big) change that needs to be coordinated in a team or when using a single working-copy for the work with the changeproject is not feasible.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Hide account from any interface in Windows 7

1. Create the following key

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\SpecialAccounts\UserList

2. Add DWORD (32-bit) Value using account name with its value '0'

3. If you want it to show up, it needs to be set as '1'

4. If you hide your main account so that you can't log in, you need to log in with another account and use root command 'runas.exe.'

Create another command prompt with the following command, and run 'regedit' there.

runas /user:root cmd

Add an existing user into localgroup in Windows

net localgroup Administrators username /add

Monday, June 18, 2012

Efficacy in Lighting

조명 디자인에서, 'efficacy'는 광원에서 생산된 빛의 량을 이야기한다. 이것의 단위는 루멘스(lumens)이며 그 빛이 량을 생산하기 위해 소모된 파워의 비율을 나타낸다. 이것은 efficiency와 혼동해서는 안된다. Efficiency는 입력과 출력의 무차원의 비율로서 가시 광선의 파워를 소모된 파워의 비율로 나타낸것이다. 가시 광선의 파워는 필라멘트의 온도에서 흑체에 대하여 플랑크 커브를 300nm와 700nm사이를 적분한 것에 의해서 그 흑체 커브 아래의 총 파워의 비율로 근사화될 수 있다. 열원에 대한 빛의 efficiency는 전형적으로 2%보다 작다.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 Noise-Isolating Earphones NIB

Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 Noise-Isolating Earphones

UE TripleFi 10-Gallery Lg1 750x239

UE TripleFi 10-Gallery Lg2 750x239

UE TripleFi 10-Gallery Lg3 750x239

TripleFi 10 Earphones

UE TripleFi 10-Gallery Lg5 750x239

Technical Specifications & Guides
Technical specifications & user guide
Earphone Type: In-ear
Driver type: Triple armature
Frequency response: 10 Hz – 17 kHz
Impedance: 32 ohms, 1 kHz
Sensitivity: 117 dB SPL/mW, 1 kHz
Noise isolation: -26 dB
Warranty: 2 years
Smartphones: iPhone, Blackberry and other phones with standard 3.5 mm jack
Portable media players: iPod and MP3, video and DVD players with standard 3.5 mm jack
Laptops and computers: Laptops and computers with standard 3.5 mm jack
Home audio: Home audio systems with standard 3.5 mm jack
Gaming consoles: Gaming consoles with standard 3.5 mm jack
Cable length: 46 inch (116.8 cm)
Input type: Angled
Input connector: 1/8 inch (3.5mm), gold-plated

In the box

Accessories included with your Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10s.

Crush-proof case
The brushed metallic, 3” x 3”, hard case safely stores your earphones and slips easily into a pocket or bag.

Ear cushions
You get three sizes of soft silicone ear cushions (S, M, L) and two sets of Comply™ Foam Tips.

Extender Cable
You've got room to move with this 18" (45.7cm) extender cable for your Ultimate Ears earphones.

Cleaning tool
Keep your earphones looking—and sounding—their best.

1/4" adapter jack
You can use the included adapter to connect your TripleFi 10s to professional or home stereo equipment.

Sound-level attenuator
The attenuator lowers the overall volume levels for noisy sound sources such as on airplanes.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Openexr for cygwin

apt-cyg -m install openexr_viewers
apt-cyg -m install libfltk1.3

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Friday, April 6, 2012

Tax return 2011

Nonresident Alien or Resident Alien?

If you have stayed in US at least 31 days during 2011,
and stayed in US on at least 183 days for last 3 years consisting of 2009, 2010, and 2011,
and stayed in US 1/3 of the days you stayed in 2011, and 1/6 the days of presence in 2009,
and stayed in US on at least 183 days during 2011,

you are resident alien for tax purpose!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

2012 결산 2011년 영업이익률 상위 기업

연결실적 기준

1. 강원랜드 - 38.6%
2. KT&G - 30.10%
3. KSS해운
4. 무학
5. OCI
6. 다우기술
7. 한섬
8. 엔씨소프트
9. 현대홈쇼핑

개별실적 기준
1. NHN
2. 강원랜드
3. 엔씨소프트
4. KT&G


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Debug Luxrender with Visual Studio 2010

If you don't have debug mode in your Luxrender Visual Studio project, you may not be able to debug Lux. When you start debugging, it will show warning about 'No Debugging Information.'

In order to build with debug information, you need to generate debug info for luxrender project in the following way.

Go to luxrendr Property Pages -> Linker -> Debugging -> Set Yes for Generate Debug Info

Usually it's enough to debug Luxrender, but Visual Studio would get confused to trace the codes because of complicated compiler optimaization. If you disable optimization for liblux project, it would get clear to trace your code. You can disable compiler optimization for your liblux here.

Go to liblux Property Pages -> C/C++ -> Optimization

Especially, 'Whole Program Optimization' option optimizes your binary in code generation stage and takes long time to link your object files. It will decrease the link time significantly to disable this option.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Friday, March 23, 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Luxrender compile with VS2010

This documented is a guide to make development environment for Luxrender with VS2010. Because the guide to compile Luxrender in is based on VS2008, you may want to following instructions to compile it with the latest version of Visual Studio.

Note. This guide was tested with Luxrender x64, Windows 7 x64, and VS2010.

1. Check out sources from the repository

- You need a Mercurial client for this job

- Make an empty directory for the BASE
- Clone 3 sources into your BASE

- source: destination: BASE/lux
- source: destination: BASE/windows
- source: destination: BASE/luxrays

2. Start the Visual Studio Command prompt

- You need to run x64 Win64 command prompt for x64 platform, otherwise you can run 32bit command prompt.

3. Goto BASE/windows

4. Run the appropriate build batch file

- Run getdeps.bat
- If you don't want to install OpenCL SDK, choose N3, N4 or A when you need to choose so that you don't have to download.
- Run build-vars.reg to register environmental variables
- Log out and log in for the changes to take effect

- Replace msvc-9.0 with msvc-10.0 in build-deps-*.bat
- Run build-deps-x64.bat
- It will make some errors while building FreeImage and LuxRays, since they are designed for VS2008.

5. Compile FreeImage

- Go to BASE\deps\x64\FreeImage3141\FreeImage and open FreeImage.2008.sln
- Convert the solution to VS2010
- Change run-time libraries to /MD for FreeImageLib, LibJPEG, LibMNG, LibOpenJPEG, LibPNG, LibRaw, LibTIFF, OpenEXR and ZLib
- Build Solution for Win64 Release

6. Compile Luxrender

- Go to BASE\windows

- Convert the solution to VS2010
- Build liblux for Win64 ReleaseNoOpenCL

- Build liblux

- You may want to change flex_on_path.bat and bison_on_path, since you may want to use flex and bison for Lux here.

- Add FreeImage.lib to Additional Dependencies


- Add ..\..\..\deps\x64\boost_1_43_0\stage\boost\lib to Additional library directories


- Build luxrender

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Depth of Field

The depth of field (DOF) is the range between the nearest and farthest objects in a scene that appears acceptably sharp in a picture. A large DOF makes the entire image sharp, while a small DOF makes subjects clear but blurred out the foreground and the background.

In assignment #1, you need to make a shallow depth of field. Luxrender provides the perspective camera that can control the DOF by configuring lens radius. Increasing the lens radius will make a shallow depth of field, since small aperture does not disperse the ray that is penetrating the lens like large aperture. In Blender, you can control the lens size with f-stop. Smaller f-stop is larger lens radius.

In order to focus an object in a scene, you may want to configure focal distance. Focal distance is the distance between the camera and the subject that you want to see clearly in an image.

In addition, decreasing the distance between the focused object and camera will help to get a shallow DOF. You can find out DOF formulas in the article of Jeff Conrad or Wikipedia. From this formula, you can see that the DOF is decided according to the focal length and f-number of the lens, and the camera-to-subject distance. In addition, the DOF is inversely proportional to the camera-to-subject distance. So, it will be useful to make it close-up.

When moving camera close to the subject, you would miss some objects in your image. In this case, you can  put every object you want to include in the image by increasing Field of View.

Scaling down the scene will be helpful see the shallow depth of field also. When the model shrinks, the camera-to-subject distance will decrease also.


1018 325i 3D 3D Printer 3M 500GB 7200RPM 747 850i A-GPS A-ha A8 ACCIDENT Actor Administrator Privilege ADOBE AdSense aGPS Airplane Algorithm Animation Ansur Antennagate API Apple AppleCare April Fool ARLuxrender Asian Assisted GPS ATT Audi Auto Bash Battleship BBC Bejeweled Bejeweled 3 Belkin Bike BITCOIN Black n Decker Blender Blog Blogspot Bluetooth BMW Bose Browser BTC Bump mapping Butter Butterface Butterfly C C++ C220 Calculator Calvin Klein CAR Cartoon Casshern CBR CBR600RR Cell CF CG Chair Chinese Chrome City Hunter CK Clie Clothe Coffee Coffee maker Color Comics Command Prompt Comment Commercial Compiler Computer Computer architecture Computer graphics Computer science Connex Content-Aware Fill Cowboy Bebop CRYPTOCURRENCY Cryptography CURL Cygwin Dabdate DB Decal Design Design thinking Development Digital Camera Digital communication Disaster Diskette Display Dog Dragon Ball Drama Drawing Driving Drying rack DSP Duck E-TRADE EA Earthquake Easter Egg eBay Economy Encryption ENGINEERING Error ESL etc ETH Ethernet expect F1 Face Fashion find Firefox Fish Flight Dynamics Floppy FON Food FREE Fun FWD G4 Game Gangsta Gangster GDAX GFX Ghost GIT Gizmo5 Golf Google Google Analytics Google Voice Gossip GPS Graphics Green Day GTI Gundam Gurren Lagann Hacking Hackintosh HANGOUTS HARRP HASP SRM HCI HDD Headset Helicopter Helio High-tech History Hobby Honda Horror HP HTS Humor Hyundai iBook iBook G4 IKEA Illustration Image processing information theory Initial D Intel Internet Intro Iomega iPad iPhone iPhone 4 iPhone theme iPod iPod Video Iron IU Jailbreak Japan Java Jawbone Jeremy Jordan Jet Jetpack K12KB KAO Ken Block Ketchup Keynote KORBIT Korea Korean Kpop KRAKEN Kumho Kuwait Language Laptop LaserJet LCD Leaf Lego Lenovo Leopard Lexus LG Library Light saber Lightning Linear algebra Linux login LTC LTE Luxrender Lyric M30 MAC MacBook Macintosh MACOS Macross Macross 2 Macross Plus Magic MapReduce MARKET Matlab Mazinger Z MDRCBB Mechanical engineering Memory MESSAGE Microsoft Microwave Miniature Mio MLT Mobile Mobile Phone Moped Motorcycle Motorola Mouse Movie MP4 Music Music video Network Nike NODE. JS Nonlinear Optimization NORWAY Novel Octave Odaiba Olleh OpenGL Opening Orthodontics Oslo OSX Outlook Parody PBRT pctools Peanut Performance Perl Phone Photoshop PHP Picture Pidgin Plane Playstation Poem Polar bear Pop Portuguese post Pragma Prank Call Printer Program PROGRAMMING Protocol PS PUMA Push Push Push II PushPush PwnageTool PYTHON QuickTime R8 RAM RAYTRACING RAZR RC Recording Report Robot Rock Rocket punch RSYNC Russel Crowe RWD Samsung Sandstorm Satellite Satellite Radio Scanner Science Score Script SD SDK Security sed Semantic Web Semiconductor SF Shell SHOW SIP Skype SK네트웍스 Slang Sleeve Soccer SOFTWARE Sonata Song Sounddock Soundgarden Space Spyshot SQL SSD ssh sshd Stanford bunny StarTrek Starwars Stethoscope Steve Jobs Sticker Stock Storage system Subaru Sun Super Deformed T-Shirt Taekwon V TALK TBD Tease Technology Teeth Telecommunication Tennis tethering Textfree TH55 The Perfect Storm Theme TI-89 TIBURON Tires Titanium Tom Mabe Tooth Tooth Explorer Torrent Toshiba Toshiba Power Saver Toy TPS Transformer Tsunami TV TV shows Ubuntu UC Ultrabase UMN Universal Century Unix Unlock USB Used Video Virtuosity Vista Visual Studio VISUALC++ VoIP VW WALLET Wallpaper Wanna Girl Wardriving Web 3.0 Wedding WiFi Wild Willy Windows Windows 7 Windows Vista Wireless WireShark WMV WOW WPS WRE54G X61 xargs XBOX XCode Yamato YF Youtube Z Gundam Zeliard Zuma 김간지 김현국 미국여자 방배추 뽀로로 위성 라디오 유희열 일본여자 조까를로스 주역 천자문 周易 天字文 德經 老子

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