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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Color measurement on teeth

A survey of Color for Computer Graphics, Maureen C. Stone 2001

Colorimetry in Wikipedia

Olympus Crystaleye - color measurement tool for teeth

Visual and Spectrophotometric Shade Analysis of Human Teeth, S. Paul 2002

Vita Easyshade technical paper, 2009

Colour and translucency of tooth-coloured orthodontic brackets, Y. Lee 2008

Dental Color Analyzer (DCA)

Color measurement of teeth and dental materials using a fiberoptic probe, Ivan S. 1998
- Basic idea of Vita easysahde, commercialized product

Eye and Color

Intraoral Cameras

Color Matching Cabinet

Color-matching systems test visual quality

Testing protocol for color sensitivity

Fluorescent Lamp Ballast Testing

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