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Monday, June 13, 2011

Wild Willy 2

1. Tamiya Wild Willy 2000 Kit TAM58242
2. Futaba 2PH 2-Channel AM/2 S3003 Servos FUTJ14**
3. DuraTrax Onyx 6C 7.2V 2000mAh NiMH Stick Standard Plug DTXC2035
4. DuraTrax Onyx 100 AC/DC Peak Charger NiCd NiMH DTXP4190

1. Futaba MC230CR ESC w/Reverse 20+T

Alternative of MC230CR
1. Futaba MC330CR ESC w/Reverse 13+T FUTMC330CR
- 13+T means it has to be used with a motor with 13T or more turns.
- The lower the number of turns, the more powerful the motor is.

Alternative of Futaba 2PH 2-Channel AM/2 S3003 Servos FUTJ14**
1. Futaba 2DR 2-Channel AM/2 S3003 Servos FUTJ25**

ESC upgrade is highly recommend, because of lower run times and slower speeds. In addition, the controller get quite hot when running at low speeds.

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