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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Equivalent of apt-get for Cygwin

Installation of apt-cyg

# svn --force export /bin/
# chmod +x /bin/apt-cyg


$ apt-cyg --help
apt-cyg: Installs and removes Cygwin packages.
"apt-cyg install <package names>" to install packages
"apt-cyg remove <package names>" to remove packages
"apt-cyg update" to update setup.ini
"apt-cyg show" to show installed packages
"apt-cyg find <patterns>" to find packages matching patterns
"apt-cyg describe <patterns>" to describe packages matching patterns
"apt-cyg packageof <commands or files>" to locate parent packages
--mirror, -m <url> : set mirror
--cache, -c <dir> : set cache
--file, -f <file> : read package names from file
--noupdate, -u : don't update setup.ini from mirror

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