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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Used Sony Vaio PCG-TR2L

I'm selling used Sony Vaio TR2L.
I think it's the best product from Sony and I have been with this more than 5 years. I'm afraid that recent Sony products don't show this kind of design and size comparing other competitors.

So far, I have used it with Ubuntu and it has been working great. In addition, I upgrade with 1GB memory and 60GB HDD, although it came with 512MB memory and 40GB HDD. But, I think its motion eye (embedded web-cam) is out of order and its battery doesn't last for long time. Except those, it has been great.

Basic spec of my PCG-TR2L:

- 1GHz Pentium M CPU
- 1GB memory
- 60GB HDD
- 10.6 inch LCD
- 1280x768 screen resolution
- Weight with battery: 1.41 kg
- Dimension: 270.4 x 188.4 x 36.5 mm

I bought it in Korea, so it's Sony Korea version.

It's coming with a 256MB memory stick PRO/Magicgate, an AC/DC adapter, recovery CDs, a perfect fit sleeve, and a perfect fit messenger sack! Everything will be included in following pictures.

Thank you for looking!
There isn't anything known wrong with this computer, but since it is a computer, I am selling "as-is."

Messenger sack, sleeve, AC/DC adapter, and TR2L
Memory stick is in the TR2L.

Front view of the perfect fit sleeve which came with TR2L

Rear view of the perfect fit sleeve which came with TR2L

Memory stick pro/magic gate 256MB

Recovery CDs - Korean version

Great working Windows XP

I put every device driver in the drive D. :-D

Since its recovery CD is Korean, I installed English version Windows. But you have Windows XP Home edition serial on bottom of the TR2L. It shows that it has 1GHz CPU and 1GB RAM.

Top view of TR2L

In this angle, you can see VAIO signature correctly. :-D

It looks good. Every key and button are in good condition.

Even every stickers looks good.

In addition, LCD looks still good.

Keyboard letters are with Korean letters.

It says following: 10.6inch wide color TFT display, CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive, Wireless IEEE802.11b, motion eye embedded camera, MS WIndows XP Home edition, Sony original software Network Smart Capture 1.2, PictureGear Studio 2.0, DVgate Plus 1.1, SonicStage 1.6

It says following: Intel Centrino Mobile Technology, Ultra Low Voltage Intel Pentium M Processor 1GHz, 512MB DDR SDRAM memory (max 1GB), 40GB HDD - I upgraded to 1GB memory and 60GB HDD.

It looks good! Its front side has a CD/DVD tray and a WiFi switch.

On its side, it has an external monitor port, a memory stick slot, a USB, and iS400 port (Firewire)

On its rear end, you can see its power port and a battery.

On its the other side, there is a mic port, a speaker port, a USB port, PCMCIA slot, an Ethernet port, and a modem port.

Perfect fit messenger sack, though it got some dirts.

Rear view of the perfect fit messenger sack!

Product spec:


Motherboard chipset

Intel 855GM



Processor speed



Pentium M


Amt of RAM

512 MB (max 1024 MB)

Hard drive

40 GB

Card Reader


Optical drive

DVD-ROM / CD-RW optical drive



2 x USB2.0; iLINK (FireWire), microphone and headphone jack; RJ45 (Ethernet); RJ11 (modem); VGA out








V.92 and V.90 compliant modem

Built-in devices

Type I/II card slot; MagicGate Memory Stick slot

Wireless LAN





Graphics hardware

Integrated graphics chipset

Amt of video RAM

64MB (shared with system memory)

Diagonal screen size

10.6 inch

LCD technology

TFT active matrix

Screen resolution (max)

1280 x 768




DVD/MP3 without bootup


TV tuner


Sound hardware

AC97 complaint sound


mic-in, earphone-out


Operating system

Win XP Home

Software included

Adobe Acrobat Reader 6, Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0, Adobe Premiere 6 LE, Apple QuickTime 6.1, InterVideo WinDVD 4 for VAIO, RealNetworks RealOne Player, Sony DVgate Plus 1.1, Sony Network Smart Capture 1.2, Sony Notebook Setup 3.4, Sony PictureGear Studio 2.0, Sony SonicStage 1.6 for VAIO, Sony SonicStage Mastering Studio 1.1, Sony VAIO Edit Components 3.0 LE, Sony VAIO CameraVJ Screen Saver, Symantec Norton AntiVirus 2003


Weight w/battery

1.41 kg


270.4 x 188.4 x 36.5 mm

Power Supply

Battery type(s) included

PCGA-BP2T Lithium-Ion battery

Mfr-claimed battery life

4.5 hours

2nd battery included




One year limited warranty

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