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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Used Bose SoundDock® Digital Music System for iPod (Black) for selling

Bose SoundDock Bose SoundDock® Digital Music. It's sleek, slender design, in Black, fits almost any decor.

iPod connection part without iPod insert

Silver Bose mark

Rear of SoundDock

Its shape is great!

When I inserted my iPod classic, iPod started turning on.

Its sound is great!

Remote control! Its shape is great also!

Isn't it great? :-)

It's coming with the remote control and 3 iPod inserts for various iPod.

I just used one insert for my iPod classic!

It's coming with some booklets with a manual, power cable, remote control, and 3 iPod inserts.

I packed with original box!

It's original box!

I packed with everything!

To protect original box, tt has outer box also! :-)

I'm selling used Bose SoundDock® Digital Music System which is in excellent condition!
It's the first version of Bose SoundDock. I have used it with my iPod classic so far.
It's really hard to find any scratch on it.
Its sound is great.

Everything in pictures are included except iPod classic. :-)
I think I have everything which is supposed to be coming with Sounddock.

- Cosmetically, it is in great shape. It's really hard to find any scratch on it.
- The manual is included.
- 3 iPod inserts are included.
- Remote control is included and battery is still okay.
- Power cable is included.

Product information

SoundDock® Digital Music System

The classic SoundDock system lets you hear your favorite iPod tunes out loud with lifelike Bose® sound. The system plugs into a standard wall outlet with included power cord and power pack, and charges your iPod whenever it's docked. A remote controls volume and basic iPod functions from across the room.

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