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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Reading list

Graphic Design

Burns, M., Klawe, J., Rusinkiewicz, S., Finkelstein, A., and DeCarlo, D., Line Drawings from Volume Data. Proceedings of SIGGRAPHÕ05, 512-518 (2005).

* Judd, T., Durand, F., and Adelson, E., Apparent Ridges for Line Drawing. Proceedings of SIGGRAPHÕ07, 19:1-19:7 (2007).

Medical Device Design

* Chentanez, N., Alterovitz, R., Ritchie, D., Cho, L., Hauser, K., Goldberg, K., Shewchuk, J., and OÕBrien, J., Interactive Simulation of Surgical Needle Insertion and Steering, Proceedings of SIGGRAPHÕ09, 88:1-88:10 (2009).

* Lamata, P., Gomez, E.J., Bello, F., Kneebone, R.L., Aggarwal, R., and Lamata, F., Conceptual Framework for Laparoscopic VR Simulators, IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 26, 69-79, (November-December 2006).

Industrial Design

* Mitani, J. and Suzuki, H., Making Papercraft Toys from Meshes using Strip-based Approximate Unfolding, Proceedings of SIGGRAPHÕ04, 259-263 (2004).

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