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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Useful torrent trackers

The pirate bay:

- Famous for large data and list

- Good ratio policy! It updates its ratio once a day, so I don't have to worry about ratio. In the middle of September 2009, the service is stopped suddenly. Demonoid posted that the site has a problem, so it is going to be recovered sooner or later.

- Dec 14, 2009, Demonoid is back!

- In Dec, 2010, it is moving to new place

- It's good for latest data and list.
- November 26, 2009, Mininova declared that they start limiting its activities to content distribution service. Therefore, large amount of data were gone. It means Mininova is no more useful!

- Torrent search engine. It has comprehensive information on many torrents tracker. But, I don't think it collects from every torrent tracker.

Eclipse productions:

- In this torrent, latest full metal alchemist can be found.

- In this torrent, most recent full metal alchemist can be found.

minglong BitTorrent Tracker:

- Tomodachi put its latest work on this tracker. Of course, most recent full metal alchemist can be found here.

Updated 2013/05/12


- Russian torrent tracker


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