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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Eviction Based Cache Placement for Storage Caches

Most buffer management scheme are using access-based eviction criterion. In access-based eviction criterion, the time at which a data is accessed is stamped in the cache. However, the time at which a data is evicted from upper layer is stamped in the cache in eviction-based criterion. In order to do, the cache manages client content tracking table records. At every read/write operation, the table is consulted to find out which disk block was previously put in the given client memory address. If the old disk block is different from the currently access disk block, the old block must have been evicted from the client. While consulting, it needs the information about client memory address.

In this case of SSD, the secondary storage doesn't know the information about clinet memory. Thus, it is NOT applicable to SSD or any secondary storage itself.

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